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Walking across Africa

More than a billion people walk or cycle in Africa every day to reach work, their homes, school and other essential services. In African continent’s cities, walking is the primary mode of transport for the majority, with up to 78% of people walking every day to access work, education, health care, markets, and public transport.

Until recently, walking, almost everywhere on the continent, received relatively minor policy attention and resource allocation. Walking infrastructure was lacking: most roads had no footpaths or crossings and were poorly signed and maintained. Walking was, for a billion people, difficult, unpleasant, and unsafe and it was children, the elderly, those with disabilities, women, and those with low incomes – who walk most – that disproportionately suffered.

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Kigali is leading a growing number of enlightened cities in Africa, that are transforming the paradigm by valuing people walking as a solution to routine road safety challenges, equity imbalances and climate concerns and, at the same time, attracting local and overseas visitors and economic investment. Learn more about African initiatives in Walk21 Kigali, Join us.

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